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Gregg's 1st guide, The Spirituality of Sobriety: Finding the Spiritual Awakening in Recovery from Alcoholism, swiftly became the foundation for Gregg's professional workshop trainings and recovery retreats.

While the e-book and his retreats have already been warmly acquired, reviewed and suggested by remedy experts also because the recovery group, Gregg started searching for any far more handy forum to deliver his message to an audience that was seeking more from him.

Gregg selected to use the brand new capabilities of web-delivered media to present a broader and extra expansive system for his operate and permit a extra interactive romance with his audience.

Teaming with Clickbank, we're now capable to offer Addictions Free Living as easy-to-access downloadable modules. We wish you, as well, will appreciate the comfort of becoming able to download Gregg into your own household as opposed to having to journey to find out him!

Following the ideas and advice offered in the Addictions Free Living Program you'll be able to anticipate to understand inside your individual life the profound changes promised within the A.A. literature what you may believe of because the accurate indicia of freedom from addiction.

Where you employed to believe of the thoughts as being a poor neighborhood to be in, you now find that your thought-life will likely be put on the considerably greater airplane, and will be more and even more about the aircraft of inspiration. 

Finding the emotional balance promised at the Eleventh Action, plus the emotional sobriety that comes with the spiritual awakening with the Twelfth Action, you'll in fact really feel diverse while you now turn out to be able to complete, really feel, and believe that which [you] couldn't do just before. 

And then the ultimate guarantee for the addict: you finally start to react sanely and usually to your addiction having a new frame of mind that appears to arrive without having any believed or work on our component. The expertise of true flexibility from your addiction. The expertise of true flexibility from your addiction.